S/V Ruby Rose II Scores

Seawind 1600

42 total points

Voter average: 34 points
A fast, light, luxury performance catamaran

Seawind 1600

A fast, light, luxury performance catamaran

Safety & design

10 points

7.6 voter average

Build quality

9 points

7.6 voter average

Interior design

8 points

6.8 voter average


9 points

7.8 voter average

Value for Money

6 points

6.0 voter average

Ruby Rose Comments

Reader Comments

  • Amazingly well built Catamaran, hard to find any real faults, they have thought of pretty much everything.
  • Boat Weight in reality not close to specification
  • Big, fast , stable “ horses excluded”good looking, practical layoud tough. Shallow draught to dotter around in shallow water and of course Dagger board or boards down and similar with rudders and away you go. plenty of freeboard and reserve buoyancy. The coach is set farther abaft reducing slamming, fine entry slices it’s way reducing hobby horsing and is quick “toe and finger nails excluded “. It looks good and as stated “Nuff Said”
  • The 2 helms limit the cockpit space greatly. A single berth makes this impractical. Fix those two areas and a top pick
  • Only downside is forward guest cabin is small. Price not too bad
  • after you sell ruby rose, talk to seawind about a exclusive deal on their boat.
  • An improvement on the 1260 which is already excellent
  • Port forward cabin and bed too tight for a 52’. Have to decide which guests you like least. Other than that it’s greaf
  • Fine if you value performance above spaciousness. Prefer the Leopard which is much cheaper
  • Seawind catamarans don't seem to devalue much at least in Australia and why add a week to every crossing.
  • Good looking, well designed and good turn of speed! This is probably the best catamaran in this size!
  • Best value performance cat, with minimal sacrifice to comfort.
  • best fit for performance cruiser for my taste
  • The two things that stood out for me on this vessel was firstly the styling, and secondly the open feeling/sensation in the cockpit area.
  • My absolute fav review thus far. Pretty, fast and well appointed boat. A gem
  • concept "course croisière" comme outremer 51 mais moins attirant
  • Certainly looks like a sensible compromise on performance, space layout design
  • 90% of the time you are moored as a liveaboard so the interior space/storage/design should be rated much higher its only 10% of the time performance plays a part.
  • Hard to judge since i have'nt set foot on one of these beauties. But a stunning looking boat, very well tought out from a designers point of view. In comparisson with the direct rivals on the market this one seems to have the least compromises overall. A definite dream...
  • Not sure about the helm position.
  • We also s this at Grande Motte - Nice but felt it a bit “dated”
  • If I could afford an Outremer this would be the next best
  • At LGM, I came really ready to like this boat, but there was something about it that put me off. It is something about seawinds I think that the build quality is good, but seems to lack style.
  • Need hard dodger, Helm should be more protected
  • Non European cat with a punch, true sailors boat. Overkill with twin separate helm stations for such 'small' boat. Too much woody interior in my taste...
  • live aboard and great for speed!
  • I was on one of these recently at a boat show, they kept bragging about the speed of the boat which is nice but the inside was cramped, the design was so minimalist it didn’t have a water maker, laundry, AC, or solar. On a long passage it would be very boring.
  • And looking forward to seeing if a test sail is available
  • Far too expensive. Xquisite far better and cheaper
  • Helms have hard bimini, though soft enclosures look lacking. Their angle when down appears to be mid helm which means less clearance towards the outside of the helms. Dual helms are great. Retractable rudders. Good areas for flexible solar. Full pho-teak on Deck nice. Dinghy Davits very low, bu
  • We own a Seawind 1160, and love our boat. We are impressed with the 1600 and know it will reflect well on the Seawind brand.
  • Would you want to drive a Ferrari as a daily driver or a Rolls, I'm older in age I like my comfort.
  • Was on this boat at last year’s La Grande Motte. Really loved most of it except the entrance to the Saloon.
  • Nice but not enough room for me. Hulls too tight.
  • Definitely designed for blue water cruising & performance with daggerboards.
  • I love this boat. Quality build, the company has been building cats for 35 years and never a capsize, never a hull problem, they don’t blister. I’m looking at buying a 1260 so may be byes but I think these cats are quality throughout. I didn’t like the bed in the forward cabin but iff you want
  • Expensive cat to go in the fast lane (where&why??) on short distances. If you plan to a have family(!) afloat, you need acres of storage and an sea-kindly motion, both NOT present on this cat's menu.
  • Hope you film your sea trials. Concerned about hitting head on the low roof as pointed out in video
  • Definitely the best, I wish I could buy it one day !
  • Not sure I like the helm and how open to the elements it could be and the angled windows in the saloon will really heat up the place like a green house. But it is beautiful.
  • The trade-off between performance and comfort / convenience is a personal preference. We view the helm positions as semi-protected and the view is not great. We also do not care for having to step down into the saloon.
  • A beautifully built craft, but perhaps tries a bit too hard. It looks perfect, but with all your "stuff" on board, that look is more easily disrupted. The hard bimini above the helm would drive me nuts (I'm 6'3") - would raising it cause an issue? Love the daggerboards for performance. I
  • Cockpit doesn’t appear to be as easy to enclose as other catamarans. Would need to see how that’s done and how easily it is put up and down.
  • Good choice between sparce Outreamer types and the more luxury production cruisers
  • If one will be crossing oceans, I like the idea of a boat that has a strong bias toward performance for the greater safety it affords. For example, if one has to move quickly to dodge a storm, you have a better chance in a performance boat. Plus, you'll spend fewer vulnerable days at sea on passages
  • Awesome but not great accomodation for the cash
  • I think the heads are small for this size cat. Finish looks good. I’m more into pleasure than pace so the skinny hills make for no walk around beds etc
  • Fantastic boat however the cost is outside of the average sailors pockets !
  • Despite being 52ft it's too small for a real live aboard. It does not have enough storage and the cabins and saloon are cramped, even if they are beautiful to look at.
  • What bothers me is the interior. I don’t like the new comtemporary style. Orher than that. Sounds like a good boat.
  • I know you were excited about this one, but I didn’t find it interesting, maybe it is because I haven’t been on one,
  • Looks like a nicely designed catamaran. I wish the helm was fully covered, but I like the twin helm. Cockpit space looked very roomy. How big were those two floor storage lockers?
  • A personal vote here as I cannot give high marks for a boat I will never be able to afford, nearly twice the price of a 42ft production cat, with less comfortable accommodation. I appreciate the need for safety & performance, but performance v comfort when 75-80% on the hook!.
  • Think you’ve already put in the order, lol! Looks like a great Cat, however are the rose tinted specs only there because of the carbon and the high performance that gives, does a normal built one have the same spec? Having dual helming positions means two more of everything to go wrong. It was/ is
  • Very comfortable, decent build quality
  • Not eaven comparable with Lagoon and co, you could compare her with the (real) catana or the "king"(my opinion) Braodblue.
  • Dear Ruby Rose friends. Please include in your review scores the ability to sail the yachts Single handed. For long crossings you are alone on deck and while I respect your enthusiasm for the Seawind...it looks not like a single handed boat. Things are just to far apart.
  • The design is really nice, but i am not happy about the living space that stays over after all the 'sailing arguments' are made
  • Cockpit and salon are great, but I don't like the narrow hulls at all.
  • I truly thought the ventilation, the galley, and the lighting effects were awesome, in my view. I think THIS cat would be considered a professional unit. a great boat for ocean, liveaboard cruising! idered a professional built unit. She's just g