S/V Ruby Rose II Scores

Lagoon 42

30 total points

Voter average: 30.7 points

A favourite amongst ARC entries,

Lagoon 42

A favourite amongst ARC entries,

Safety & design

7 points

6.6 voter average

Build quality

8 points

6.3 voter average

Interior design

6 points

6.9 voter average


4 points

4.7 voter average

Value for Money

5 points

6.1 voter average

Ruby Rose Comments

A good value, safe and well built family cruiser. Would be very happy to tradewind sail this boat.

Reader Comments

  • Very good use of space, still concerned not enough storage when you add aircon, water maker, genset etc.
  • Great sail plan with mast moved back. Easier handling for short handed crew. Above average quality for a production catamaran. Reasonable price and excellent resale values. She'll take you anywhere in a shorter length catamaran.
  • Beamy charter barge, but has space of many larger 45-46s
  • Am planning to purchase one next year and your review was fair enough, thank you!
  • Lagoon wins hands down on value for money. While not a performance cat for sure, when you are travelling the globe performance is not our highest priority. We find the Lagoon safe, luxurious, spacious, solid build quality, easy to get replacement parts, love the natural light in the interior - even with the list of customizations you provided still comes out $500k less than the top rated boats. When value is considered, Lagoon wins.
  • I'm only comparing in my used boat price range of <£400,000 which drops most of the cats reviewed. We used to own a Seawind 1160 but the forward cabins were claustrophobic due to the low ceilings. On a more serious note, our rudder hit a submerged object and within 10 minutes we were waist deep in one hull with all the electrics blown. Turned out the rudder had come up through the hull in aft cabin. Waterproof bulkhead between cabins and engine/rudder is a plus!!!
  • She sails much better than many think. When comparing Lagoons to other production cats, you need to compare them with the sails the rig is designed for. The square top main and code zero.
  • Beamy design makes it feel bigger in the hulls.
  • Sailed across the ocean downwind beautifully. Vary spacious inside. Negative is quality of finish on laminate cupboards and surfaces. Dark wood colour rubs away and marks/Chips easily
  • I like comfort over speed, therefore I want a heavy boat and one that's at least 45' I enjoy the cruise more than the destination.
  • Nice spacious cat. With an experienced sailboat „race captain“ with full main and jib we made 16 knots 😜 in Croatia - not so shabby..
  • I've sailed a 2016 Lagoon 42. They are great of the wind and have a great helm and work position.
  • Too mainstreet, shame Lagoon deserted their roots...
  • Heavy and the SeaRay of catamarans.
  • galley is more important to me and this is too small for three meals per day with stowage and clean up.
  • The perfect liveaboard catamaran for reasonable money, except for the one sitting at the helm during sailing time.
  • Exceptionally good value for the price. Little to criticize.
  • Option for enclosed helm is nice, though the open side would be bad for inclement weather. Sugar scoops great size for 42. Good space for Solar Panels. No double sink/drain tub in galley. Separate shower/no corian.
  • By far overatet, I just spended 2 weeks on one, the build quality was lousy, the performance was way behind the older 400
  • Very attractive boat, but more make-up than gut. Probably great for the charter market
  • Properly spec'd the resale value on this cat is brilliant. I'm 6'4" and that is as much a problem as being 5'2".
  • The eeyore of the cats. Comfortable layout. Slow but steady.
  • Lagoon have a good formula and produce 2 cats /day, so not a long wait time. Reliable and good value.
  • Lots of space for the size. Doesn’t sail great but will get you there and it’s a nice platform when there. Better end of mass produced cats.
  • The lagoon is at the top of our list.
  • I'm mentally thinking of it in the way I used to think about the Ford Mondeo. Although of course anyone who is in the hugely privileged position of even thinking about buying a yacht needs to take a reality check.
  • Nice interior, comfortable, good build quality
  • Excellent space and airiness. Sufficient performance with additional dails
  • I don’t like it. Too plastic. And expensive since e erything is an add on, more or less.
  • Popular yacht so Inwould expect parts and services to be relatively well covered around the world.
  • The position of the helm is an issue, and visibility of bow. The inside looked amazing lots of great carpentry and rounded edges. The biggest Issue is that recessed hand grad gully!
  • I think a little too small for your ambitions. Why not look at a 48 or 50. If you take the Seawind in considerations, why not the larger lagoons? And include in your review also the maintainability of the ship. Exotic brands means.... Difficulties!
  • Im all about build quality. Wear and tear is hardest here with minimum maintenance schedule. All other aspects get a maintenance schedule.
  • I dont like the mirrored pole in the middle of the salon entrance. Concerned the self tacking jib sacrifices too much sail area.
  • The easy addition of coachroof grabrails and a higher helm's chair are superfluous. If you can afford the 46, you have 25% more outdoor living area, in front of the saloon. Lagoon is a long favourite with charter companies. In my book, that is a statement of ruggedness and client satisfaction.
  • Owner of Hull #148, Arabella. Love everything about her and agree with your comments about lack of handholds going forward. Going her but agree with your comments particularly with regards to lack
  • Very hard to give an unbiased opinion on a boat I have bought. I think its the best boat for a couple. Its the perfect size, a little too beamy though. I had difficulty in the "Value for money" category. Compared to other catamarans I think the value is good. But its still a depreciating money hole.
  • A good all round boat. No area is lacking. I sailed her from St Maarten to East Coast US. The boat was very solid, safe, surprisingly quick. For the price range this is the best Cat currently. The living space is great OV. Had 9 on board for a week and it worked quite well, better suited for 6.
  • If that "grab rail" can be used to catch fresh water, then I would consider it a plus, but I would still add proper grab rails closer to the edge. I gave low points for interior design because I HATE the mast support in the middle of the salon.
  • 42 feet is too small for circumnavigation, because bit too slow and not comfortable enough in big seas. 44 seems minimum for that.
  • Safety - the life raft is tuck away so in an emergency you wont get to it when you have the tender hanging above it. The hull seems a bit too low as it would be a tank slapper, this includes the Performance of the CAT in your sailing chart. As for the Lagoon42 its bit small for big ocean cruising.
  • The poor galley is my biggest knock on this really quite functional-looking boat. It strikes me as very workman-like: it is made well, but not necessarily stylish, with an intent to do the job, but not necessarily excel at anything.
  • It's great at what it's designed to do. Spacious at ancor and not concerned with speed. Lacks only a foward cockpit.
  • Unless the bulkheads are now fiberglassed (with mat &/or woven roving) to the hulls, the other points fade in comparison.
  • Contrary to T&N, we don't care for the design and find the finish to look rather "cheap."
  • Assuming we are talking only new boats in several categories, "value for money" would go down sharply, "performance" would go up a bit of you start thinking used.
  • It is the best boat for a bareboat charter company.They keep theyr boats for 5 years and then , they start to look for a buyer.
  • the 42 is a good production cat but very average
  • After seeing this boat at the show, it would suit us as a family of 5. Light and spacious and very good engine access.
  • Hope to have a Heineken and a pizza on board this beautiful boat one day. Good thing this is an anonymous vote, you have NO idea who I am.
  • I find these to be among the ugliest of the cats along with the Balis. The FP has better lines and the Outremer is actually pretty to look at. Performance is pretty poor as well.
  • The big negative for me is the elevated boom and the high center of effort that comes with it. Less than optimal mainsail and rigging accessibility. Yes, it needs to have grippable handrails. 200nm days might not be easily attainable.
  • Steve test comments. Bla bla bla bla blab lba.