S/V Ruby Rose II Scores

Majestic 530

38 total points

Voter average: 29 points
Huge interior volume and so many customisation options.

Majestic 530

Huge interior volume and so many customisation options.

Safety & design

9 points

6.9 voter average

Build quality

9 points

7.2 voter average

Interior design

10 points

6.9 voter average


4 points

4.3 voter average

Value for Money

6 points

5.3 voter average

Ruby Rose Comments

Reader Comments

  • Woodwork is extremely well done!
  • Dated and VERY not nice looking
  • While beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, yet this is clearly an outdated design with looks of past years. Sturdily build yet way too heavy.
  • Big behemoth from the 80s. Plus can’t order this one anymore hull mold change, but down look like much of an improvement
  • Absolutely hurting my eyes. Way to heavy. Speed is secutiry.
  • The opportunity to build a quality catamaran with the perfect layout for you.
  • Love how customizable the cat is! But, from the outside it looks like its stuck in the late 1970's thats a deal breaker.