S/V Ruby Rose II Scores

Maverick 440

36 total points

Voter average: 32.6 points

44ft of Blue water capable Catamaran

Maverick 440

44ft of Blue water capable Catamaran

Safety & design

9 points

7.1 voter average

Build quality

9 points

7.2 voter average

Interior design

7 points

6.1 voter average


5 points

5.7 voter average

Value for Money

6 points

6.5 voter average

Ruby Rose Comments

Reader Comments

  • Nothing compares to the Maverick 440 for a live aboard cruiser . Double redundancy on all systems, you can even beach them!!
  • We like the daybed in the saloon and would use it for crossings and just lounging.
  • Wonky looks, custom build. Agree saloon is also weird.
  • If wasn't for that structural beam and that useless berth I could have given it higher build design and value.
  • My favourite in the price range.
  • Stipled interior, and open sterns ruled this one out for me as displayed, but I'm sure with the level of customization available could be easily fixed.
  • Just can't stand the massive compression post, day bed and bulkhead in salon. Not a pretty boat.
  • Agree the design is just not pleasing, not efficient
  • The cost of this boat and customization to me makes it a higher value for money score over other boats reviewed.
  • This yacht screams British built, sure it has top notch functionality but its ass backwards and looks as attractive as a set of tritish teeth.
  • Great boat for the price and liveability. Only negative are the looks but I can live with that for the practicality and customisation you get. I would turn that day bed into storage with a nav station on top and it would still leave plenty of room for Terysa's flowers or even an ice maker and coffee machine. Great boat.
  • I give this boat a score of #NO
  • Like everything about it except the looks - very low row-away-factor
  • Highly customisable catamaran but a lot of thought is needed to redesign the interior. A lot of tripping hazards on the exterior.