S/V Ruby Rose II Scores

Balance 526

42 total points

Voter average: 34.4 points

An amazing liveaboard with racing heritage

Balance 526

An amazing liveaboard with racing heritage

Safety & design

10 points

7.6 voter average

Build quality

10 points

7.7 voter average

Interior design

8 points

6.8 voter average


9 points

8.0 voter average

Value for Money

5 points

4.4 voter average

Ruby Rose Comments

Reader Comments

  • If you have that kind of money. It is a stunner, looks good, inside and out. Bigger boat, bigger problems and cost. Would be great to circumnavigate.
  • Short of a Gunbot 55, the best boat out there.
  • Love everything about this boat except the price.
  • yes, it's pricey but it's a game changer
  • $1.7m is still a lot even for a custom build. VersaHelm not a gimmick.
  • I’m biased for some reason and I really like simple, if I had the money I would have a very close look
  • not suited for your average cruiser
  • My dream boat, I have had a picture of one as my computer desktop for the last 3 years. My motivation to keep working and keep bringing home the $$$
  • Absolutely beautiful and a great combination of performance and Cruising in comfort
  • Love the helm station and think it is a game changer but the boat is not what I am looking for in a live aboard catamaran so my value for money is low.
  • looks like a performance fountaine pajot. nice but for a 52 foot cat it sure has a small saloon, and I find too expensive of a price point.
  • Ability to customise it your needs. Simple systems that do the job. Its not just the size of the boat that makes it hard to sail but the weight. This is a light boat and that moves it closer to owner couple ability.
  • Love this sailors dream. Play the lotto
  • This boat is the reference on the market for the time being.
  • Interior too stark and white. Performance not important for me. Much too expensive
  • By far the best boat you've reviewed. Right there with the seawind but it takes the lead because of the versahelm. If I had the money I'd be on the phone with balance people to order one for me. Unfortunately I can only dream.
  • The 526 is semi-custom. You can change the interior (they have 5 or 6 sample motifs). They now have a downhelm seat built in and an extended lounge behind it. It's very easy to sail with just 2 people and you can make it as conservative as you'd like...just reef a bit. The livability and space in comparison to say Outremer 51 or Seawind 1600 is night and day. So much more usable cockpit space and hull space in the balance 526. The new 482 version is only $1.2mil fully kitted out.
  • So many detail that make this a great live aboard fast cruiser. Is the space very liveable at anchor - yes, easy to maintain - yes specifically designed to have simple accessible systems. All sail handling from cockpit, optional trackless main sail. Encourages sailing even in light air because of performance.