S/V Ruby Rose II Scores

Antares 44 GS

34 total points

Voter average: 31.8 points

Antares 44 GS

Safety & design

10 points

7.8 voter average

Build quality

10 points

8.1 voter average

Interior design

7 points

6.2 voter average


4 points

4.9 voter average

Value for Money

3 points

4.8 voter average

Ruby Rose Comments

Reader Comments

  • Cons: Saloon not level with cockpit. Saloon and cockpit isolated (narrow door way). Cockpit seating not straight (cant lie down for nap). Cockpit looks small and tight. Prefer open plan kitchen/living (easier to share/communicate, not carrying food/plates up down). Saloon has no view where mast is, panoramic on other boats much nicer). Pro's: Nice would work.
  • It is overpriced I believe and that head arrangment in the stbd hull is unsat for me. I do like the galley down though, especially their design.
  • small heads and having to climb over the toilet to get into the shower is a no go for me also the hinges on the floor in the cockpit reminded me of stepping on LEGO’s.
  • Great quality, meant to be a liveaboard, not a racer. Yes, kinda dated, but no different from the “silver turd” USA brand Airstream camper... yes’ look at Airsteam, dated, with a MAJOR following, BUT about the only camper from the 60’s still selling at high volume, with high resale. I’ll take that over any high-tech boat anyday
  • When all things considered (boat is circumnavigation ready out the door), value is not horrible.
  • SV Field Trip has been on an Antares for over 7 years (I believe) and their interior looks as good now as when they first started. This boat is built to live aboard and to last a long time which boosted my value for the money.
  • Lots standard for the price, but it can still be optioned up quite a bit. I would feel very secure in this boat, but it has the, “The 70s called, they want their cat back.” look to it.
  • I like the wood finish but I can’t get over the awkwardness of the guest head.
  • Elevated boom, cable railing, poor cockpit, single helm, much that's not included, no front-opening hatches in saloon or helm, expensive, mediocre performance