S/V Ruby Rose II Scores

Xsquisite X5

38 total points

Voter average: 35.7 points

The best of the best? What do you think?

Xsquisite X5

The best of the best? What do you think?

Safety & design

10 points

8.2 voter average

Build quality

10 points

8.5 voter average

Interior design

10 points

7.8 voter average


2 points

5.3 voter average

Value for Money

6 points

6.1 voter average

Ruby Rose Comments

Reader Comments

  • This should be a better performing boat than Nick and Terysa suggest. The weight listed is fully loaded. Hills are narrow and construction is light.
  • I love the shape of it. Looks comfortable. Easy to manage.
  • I fall in love with this boat I loved the design
  • I love the style of it. It has a comfortable and practical interior
  • It was very well made boat and the way they built it was different than the others in ways I felt like I am home
  • Love, love, love the inside wood. Hate the velvet coverings on the walls. Too big for a (european) couple.
  • I just dont like to overall look of this boat
  • Love everything ab out this boat!
  • I agree too much reliance on techie stuff and I don't like the beds without some walkaround abilityu.
  • Needs a hard top option over the helm station.
  • My ultimate favourite Catamaran. I may seem biased, went to Annapolis to deliberately see the Xquisite but found it more impressive than just the YouTube videos and factory tour. Ruby Rose giving it a 3/10 for performance I comparison to others in its class I felt was unfair.
  • Absolutely superb. Perhaps only "negative" is the styling
  • Just a good solid boat...promise as I'm part of the build team
  • You have to like the look! I don't
  • Would be so much better if it was not so ugly
  • just can not get my head around the design or style. The best is the system designs.
  • Beautiful design with a lot of thought and time gone into it
  • How can you consider world cruising in a boat controlled by computers and cooled by 5 air conditioners. Lose the electronics, air conditioning and redesign the over the top arch and you would save tons and improve the performance.
  • This boat appears to built to last and comfortable to live aboard for a long time.
  • I’m very impressed with the testimonials about how thru stand behind their product, and have cloud-based maintenance records and predictive failure diagnositcs. This isa paradigm shift in this industry and more like a luxury car concierge service.. I like the space age design. And the optional tool kit!
  • If it wasn't for the truly horrible looks, this would be an awesome catamaran.
  • Excellent value and quality. The look and performance are not compatible: Looks fast but isn’t.
  • Love your channel, LOVE THIS BOAT. Stay Safe friends!
  • Sunreef 50 and 60 could give better scores
  • Wish I had enough organs to sell in order to buy this!
  • As you said Nick, ATTENTION to DETAIL!
  • I believe this is best for buck what you can possibly gate for a family live aboard cat.
  • This boat isn't meant to be a performance boat but a cruiser ... And you get what you pay for !!
  • Beaitiful Boat but would prefer walk around Berths
  • Simply the best engineered catamaran on the planet. As you said, attention to detailed optimized the end product! Well done, Tamas!
  • Very high quality, safe and comfortable blue water cruiser. Excellent aftersales care.
  • From the video review looks like headroom in the saloon would be an issue for taller folks.
  • A recent teat sail from South Africa to the US showed that this cat is capable of reasonable performance especially with the big headsails out. You get a lot of boat and a lot of extras with the X5 that other manufacturers are still to compete with, amazing service for a start.