S/V Ruby Rose II Scores

Catana 53.

39 total points

Voter average: 30 points
Luxurious performance catamaran, with a pedigree to suit

Catana 53.

Luxurious performance catamaran, with a pedigree to suit

Safety & design

8 points

6.6 voter average

Build quality

9 points

7.1 voter average

Interior design

9 points

6.5 voter average


8 points

7.2 voter average

Value for Money

5 points

4.9 voter average

Ruby Rose Comments

Reader Comments

  • Rear outward helms kill this boat!
  • Rear helm is a great way to get rid of ppl on night shift
  • Daggerboards stick up really high, obscures view.
  • No deck opening hatches for ventilation. Great forward window opening for ventilation. Transverse bunks for forward cabins would add a lot. Aft helms OK for racing not for cruising. Hard to see fish trap etc.
  • The Catana's are luxury with performance.
  • Hate helms. Interior not great.
  • Ruby Rose score this higher than the Xquisite. Makes no sense.
  • Not sure if I could live in this non stop for a long time.
  • As everyone say you spend 90% on your time as a live aboard on the hook/buoy/mooring etc. so performance is only to be measured for 10% of the time. Therefore the weighting on the other categories should be higher.
  • Sorry - no weather protection as the helm is show stopper for us.
  • Far too expensive. Xquisite far better and cheaper
  • Twenty years ago, Outremer was a different company. Grande Large know what their game is and they are smashing it. Outremer has become a world player since it was taken over by them. Catana, on the other hand, can`t even spell Katana. All of Grand Large stable have jumped to far higher levels .
  • A performance cat is a safer cat. Exposed helms. Odd 3 pc countertop corners. No solid wood on cabinet door edges. Reverse bows are wet bows. Where's the life raft?